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Myalgias and arthralgias in muscular and neuromuscular pathology of child and adolescent

Multiple clinical forms of heredodegenerative sensory-motor diseases nominated in the human genome by the position of the respective mutation. We present an introduction to osteo-skeletal and joint algesiology in these diseases.

Aceste exemple pot conține termeni colocviali. Clinical picture compatible with rubella, e. Erupţii cutanate tranzitorii inclusiv erupţii cutanate maculare, maculopapuloase, papuloase, rash including macular, maculopapularpapularerythematous and pruritic rashpruritus Propune un exemplu Erupție maculopapuloasă difuză, care atinge adesea palmele și tălpile Diffuse maculo-papular rash often involving palms and soles Erupţii diffuse arthralgia şi maculopapulare Foarte rare: Erythematous or maculopapular rash Very rare: Erupţii maculopapulare şi eritematoase, fotosensibilitate cutanată, urticarie Foarte rare: Maculopapular and erythematous rashes, skin photosensitivity, urticaria Very rare: Caracteristicile clinice ale SHA includ reacţii cu- tanate în cea mai mare parte erupţii cutanate maculopapulare, care progresează spre dermatită exfoliativăedem facial, febră, limfadenopatie, şi opţional eozinofilie. Clinical features of AHS include cutaneous reaction mostly macula-papular rash, progreding to exfoliative dermatitisfacial edema, fever, lymphadenopathy, and optional eosinophilia.

Th e chronic infl diffuse arthralgia, vascular and metabolic mechanisms that produce pain are described. Key words: demyelinating diseases, peripheral neuromuscular heredodegenerative pathology, diffuse arthralgia mutations, congenital arthrogryposis, algal pathology Heredodegenerative motor and sensory diseases represent the most common pathology of the peripheral nerves at all ages [1]. Pain is reported in these forms of pathology having two pathological aspects.

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The first aspect is due to Charcot arthralgias [7] produced by diffuse inflammation and by intra and periarticular collagen deficiency accompanied by the progressive reduction of mobility due to the muscular or neuromuscular pathology [3]. The degenerative pathology primarily affects the medullary neurons in the anterior horns, then the motor and sensory fibres, followed by the degeneration of the sensory neurons in the posterior horns.

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Due to the sensory-motor neuropathy, the muscular sensitivity decreases and is abolished, and the pain cand te doare in calcaiul stang the degenerative diseases of the peripheral neurons is due entirely to the skeletal and joint changes. The myo-articular deficiencies in the muscular and neuromuscular pathology are caused by the degeneration of the motor units formed by the medullary neurons A and B that transmit trophic and motor inflows through the axons A and B of the peripheral nerves [4].

It is of unknown etiology and it can be asymptomatic or with systemic or organ complaints lung, liver,lymph nodes.

During the demyelination and absence of the Schwann cell sleeve, interferences, crossinnervation and the functions of the terminations at the junction with the muscle fibres are disrupted [4]. Pain occurs in the inflamed receptor sensory structures, being transmitted by the centripetal fibres to the medullary neurons in the diffuse arthralgia horns [5].

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Thus, AR and X-linked mutational genetic defects induce evolutionary degenerative repercussions of motor and sensory transmissions [11,12]. The classical knowledge established by Ramon y Cajal, Gh. Marinescu, J. Aicardi, followed by modern spectroscopic analyses describes the NEURON as a trophic and metabolic unit, which communicates through the 3 regions: — the receptor region formed of dendrites and the neuronal body, having contacts with other neurons in the ganglia and the posterior medullary horns; — the connector region through which the connection between the receptor and the axon strand diffuse arthralgia made.

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The sensory and motor neurons encode the information of the osteo-myo-tenoarticular trophicity, achieving the functioning of these segments through thymic circuits. Marinescu and J. Aicardi describe the 3 forms of degeneration of medullary neurons and peripheral nerves as follows: — the type of Wallerian degeneration; — the type of segmental demyelination with alteration of Schwann cells with the possibility of remyelination, increased irritability and pain [4]; — detection of the degenerative and necrotising evolving neuropathy with the absence of the trophic stimulus, initially manifested by proximal conductivity present but accompanied by the degeneration of the terminal axons with evolution towards the loss of motor and sensory stimulus [1,11], which includes the osteoarticular deficits and the diffuse arthralgia reduction of the muscle mass.

At the end of the nineteenth century and in the twentieth century, neurological researchers discovered many forms of peripheral degenerative pathology described by N. Marinescu, I. Turnev and others.

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Acute pain is described in Gullian-Barre syndrome, and chronic pain forms due to muscle and joint pathology have been classified by J. Radicular sensory disorders are manifested by pain tributary to the territory of the demyelinated sensitive roots. In cases with predominance of skin and ligament laxity, we focus on the differentiation from the 4 clinical forms of the Ehler Danlos syndrome, to congenital Fukuyama dystrophy and the Kugelberg-Welander disease [16].

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Neuropaediatricians know that we should not rush to the positive diagnosis until we exclude diseases with musculoskeletal hypotonia from renal tubular acidosis, unilateral Horner hypotonic syndrome, medullary epidural haematoma, spinal tumours, thoracic and lumbosacral disc herniations, foetal alcohol syndrome [12].

Pain in neuromuscular syndromes may oscillate between total loss of sensitivity and the presence of chronic pain determined by the level of degenerative lesions [14] The neurosensory degeneration is accompanied by dilatory vasculitides that maintain the joint pains [15]. A particular aspect of degenerative arthropathies is that of congenital arthrogryposis in which we find antenatal joint blockage [9].

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AD and AR forms are known in this disease [10]. In the muscular and neuromuscular pathology, the degeneration of the motor units formed by the medullary neurons and the axons occurs, which no longer transmit trophic and motor stimuli to the terminal buttons.

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During demyelination and loss of the Schwan cell sleeve, peripheral nerve syndrome, sensory and osteoteno-articular deficits are installed. Sensory disorders and pain in these forms of pathology are due to altered trophicity and joint metabolism.

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Neuroaxonal and joint degeneracies induce sensory alterations that result in limiting movements and pain specific to degenerative arthritides and arthroses.

Knowing the degenerative clinical forms of diffuse arthralgia degeneracies, we can advise the target Genetic Advice — and guide the personalized therapeutic relationships for each case. In the continuation of the present presentation, we will describe in a next article, clinical and evolutionary aspects with the respective particularities found in the AR neurodegenerative cases in the isolates from the Romanian population.

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