Juvenile idiopathic arthritis nursing care.

Okay Good evening all.

juvenile idiopathic arthritis nursing care

Dibs Do you know what the weather's going to be like for this weekend? I don't actually I'm hoping it's going to still be quite nice and sunny may not be as warm as kind of I think last year's bank holiday, but hopefully it should be alright. We don't want any more rain. I think it's raining and if it does rain, it's your fault of course, always is yes and then hopefully it won't, but it has a bit of sun.

Got overcast so I don't juvenile idiopathic arthritis nursing care what the what it's playing at the moment, but okay, who knows my husband and I love the the bank holiday weekends because this is the first full year we've spent here together and we have no idea when they're coming.

juvenile idiopathic arthritis nursing care

That's it. Oh no. You know any opportunity to have.

Yes, not sure whether it might be a barbecue weather who knows I think if I say it then it probably won't be but yeah, it might be a weather. They're probably not Australian barbecue weather.

No no no here at you know reaches double figures and everyone says Oh, let's have a barbecue. Yes, I did actually have one on Easter Saturday just because we. Had our delivery of our new barbecue thinking?

Artrita Idiopatică Juvenilă

Oh everyone can come around, but I did sit outside in my coat and in my hat and my scarf and I was freezing. Thank you very much because we've been waiting since Christmas for that picnic. So, yeah, you're getting you're getting your stickers your stamps. That's it okay.

juvenile idiopathic arthritis nursing care

Well, we might make a start now just to get things moving along so welcome everybody. I've been there just juvenile idiopathic arthritis nursing care a year I started working the week before lockdown and so I had to learn an awful lot since in that time and from home so.

Debbie Wilson is my co host tonight and I'll introduce she can introduce herself a little bit later but yeah, so I have been living with rheumatoid arthritis myself for 33 years. I was only nineteen when I was first diagnosed and. Have since been told that I've probably had it as a child, so it's sort of that in between time of GIA and so luckily I was diagnosed with RA and it made my life a lot easier because I didn't have to convince everybody else what was going on.

  1. This subtype involves systemic features of fever, rash, inflammation, and enlargement of liver or spleen.
  2. Tratamentul conservator al fracturilor de gleznă
  3. Dureri de genunchi cu o răceală
  4. Artrita idiopatică juvenilă AIJ este o boală cronică caracterizată prin inflamarea persistentă a articulaţiilor; semnele tipice ale inflamaţiei articulare sunt: durere, tumefiere şi limitarea mişcării.

To our twentieth anniversary. It is the only patient led our a charity in the UK of which we are very proud.

More for people with JI a and their families. Because Andres understands the complexity of GIA and that you don't magically stop having GIA once you turn sixteen, we understand that people of all ages.

Andres recruited young people with JA and a for a special advisory board to help take forward a new service framework for JA, a and young people young people that is with both RA and I-1 of the first projects was to put together a job specification for a new young person's project coordinator.

They were part of the interview process and we've been so lucky to have brought on board Debbie Wilson at the end of September. We thought we'd take this opportunity to let everyone know what's happened and what is happening so over to you, Debbie Oh, thank you very much Nadine.

I was diagnosed in when I was about 8 years old, but there was no I was never given any medication or treatment.

They just told me it's literally just to get on with it which I did. It was very hard being a teenager at this point and then having it spread to many joints and many of my knees, both my hips and in both my wrists as well going around so it has to be on crutches, which isn't great when your juvenile idiopathic arthritis nursing care are bad because I'm putting the weight on your wrist is even worse.

So it's kind of you know it durere la genunchi într un vis a vicious circle. I never really. Support at schools or anything, and it wasn't until that I went to university that I spoke to kind of my year two and she was amazing.

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She really helped me turn my life around. I was the verge of quitting University and just had enough of it all but she kind of really sort of sat me down and then had some mental health interventions, and it really did help me actually go. I can get through this and I did and I got a very successful degree out of that.

And researcher for the government so I then had and I have two children and it's actually a few years ago that my daughter got diagnosed with a and being now a parent of a child with it.

juvenile idiopathic arthritis nursing care

It's very different to actually have it yourself because you you know what they're going through the pains and everything and you just wish there was a magic wand that you could just you know, take the pain and the swelling and everything away but thankfully the medications have advanced so much that actually once you get the diagnosis and you start the.

It really does help and it really the outcomes for children now are so much better than they were when I was diagnosed because even then I no one ever told me that can affect your eyes and 5 years ago, I got diagnosed with sclerosis, which is the swelling and the white of your eye because I have JIA and it was kind of that was a big shock and thinking you know I could go blind because because of this.

I was I was once told. Well, you know you got this 20 years too early. Yes, yeah, I must admit I wish I was kind of on the treatment. I'm on now all that time ago.

You know the damage and everything that I sort of have. So so yeah. So that's me. Both me and my daughter are on bios and at the moment they're working seems to be working really well and it's a major achievement a couple of weeks ago. My daughter did her first injection very exciting. It was a massive massive hurdle for her to get over.

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We were so proud of her considering she'd never even touched them never even get them out of the fridge juvenile idiopathic arthritis nursing care anything. So yes, it was it was a massive hug and she and she did her second last night. It wasn't just a one off No. She videoed herself as well, doing it as well to kind of show you must be very proud of it. I am yes, so so proud of her so anyone sort of listening in your child's really not getting that they will they can get there and they will just don't push them too too much.

It's what was what my advice would be because otherwise they can then rebel against it, but just you know, baby steps small steps at a time.

Arthritis, New South Wales and I run camps and there was one girl who was actually one of the oldest girls and she would still come and say, can you give me my methotrexate injection and then when she left school and basically had to do it on her own she said.

To me, why didn't you tell me it was so easy I think I might have mentioned that one or two times but you were not ready and so yeah it is about you know finding when they are ready to do it for themselves. Yes, but I'm very, very proud mom here.

So it's been a very busy 7 months really absolutely absolutely yes because I do work with the young voices panel that Nadine mentioned and they are you know huge shout out to them.

They're an amazing group of young children or not. I think they're children, but they're not really they're young adults, but let's just show my. But yeah, yeah, really proud to be working with them and we are taking forward the service framework so the JIA a side and the young people side as well.

So it's a kind of give you a quick update dacă articulația pomeței doare what we've been doing over the last 7 months. If you sign up on the website, you juvenile idiopathic arthritis nursing care get quarterly in newsletters and updates all about the JIA, which have been going out since I think that went out in December, so we're kind of.

Up to date as well so if they sometimes they might go into your junk email so just check them occasionally. I know you've been a parent myself with a daughter of a and the medications they're on. Covid is still going around and obviously it still is now, but it's actually reassuring.

juvenile idiopathic arthritis nursing care

We had a really good pediatric rheumatologist that Hawkins from the Avelina Hospital who explained it in such an amazing way the immune system and how the medications work that actually it is okay for your children to be in school with JA and with going on children even if they are on kind of steroids and immuno suppressants, they are so.

So it's even with them and the medications you're on. And it was really lovely way to end it showing you know these parents that obviously, however, you know anxious you know of your children's future was that having these young voices there were actually amazing to say.